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Believe in your Dreams
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Oasis Live Forever 1991-2009
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Audrey Hepburn in a promotional photo for Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

When a teacher tells you to be quiet half way through your sentence.
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Peanut butter kitty time
FINALLY. Episode 5 Spoiler Clips!


HOLD UP! This is an Episode FIVE Spoiler post! Don’t click play on the videos below if you haven’t watched Episode FOUR on 4oD. We don’t want to upset you with clips you don’t want to see!

You can watch the 4oD premiere of Episode 4 here

As usual, please try not to spoil the eps for other viewers (keep these to yourself if you can or tag them appropriately). Thanks guys!

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Compartiment tueurs (1965)
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Coaches react to the unveiling of Rachel who just won the Biggest Loser. At 5’7 she now weighs 105lbs and looks borderline anorexic. It’s such a shame because I love her as a contestant until tonight and I’m very disappointed she went to such an extreme. She isn’t healthy.
Please don’t blame the show though. The coaches were clearly shocked and sad by her transformation, and didn’t even rush to congratulate her after she won. They don’t endorse unhealthy weigh loss and Rachel is an anomaly.
Such a shame. I hope now that she’s won she will put back on some weight.
Let me add that I really am proud of Rachel and how she’s over come her demons and I hope she gets help to get better long term. I’m not saying all the blame is on her, because I’m sure she can’t control herself with a lot of money and an image on the table… I doubt I could. She’s accomplished a lot and was an excellent roll model until tonight and I pray she gets better.

I completely agree. Jillian kept on repeating “oh my god. Oh my god” ober and over. I don’t think anyone expected Rachel to come out looking to sickly.

SHES 5’7?!?!? Jesus. I tried to google her height when she came out looking like that but I couldn’t find it anywhere. The part that also freaks me out is like…how many pounds of the 105 do you think is lose skin? Taking that into account, she probably only weights like 95lbs…

I’m seeing she’s 5’4” not 5’7” which makes it (only) a little better…honestly looking at her she doesn’t look THAT bad, assuming the pictures weren’t photoshopped of course. I don’t watch the show either…idk, I hope she did it in a healthy way.

~ I didn’t watch it either, but since like everyone is talking about it, I might say something as well. Maybe she doesn’t look ‘THAT bad’ if it wasn’t for the fact that she just won the BL - she has very little to go & if you actually consider the time frame in which she lost that weight - it is extremely unlikely that she did it in a healthy way. In fact, it’s very dramatic, so no surprise at the reaction it generated. This might be the ‘beginning of an end’ for her (i.e. ED), unless she only did it to win & grab the money. But again, all the pressure she’s been under + having weight (and self-esteem) issues from the beginning makes her especially prone to developing an ED, so she could have easily lost herself in it all, which is what seems to have happened. I hope she gets all the help & support she needs to get truly healthy before it gets worse.
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marina and the diamonds ♥♥♥
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So what.
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aint it fun